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Homeschooling vs. Private Online School

While many states will consider enrolling your son or daughter in an out of state private online school as the same as homeschooling for state reporting purposes, a private online school option is not the same as homeschooling your child.  There are many benefits to enrolling into CMASAS vs. the traditional homeschool route.  

  • CMASAS transcripts are recognized and accepted worldwide through our accreditation with NWAC and AdvancEd
  • NCAA approved courses for student-athletes
  • We offer credentialed instructors who work directly with your child and give personalized feedback on assignments
  • CMASAS will assist with providing documentation to state/district agencies to satisfy your state requirements for choosing an out of state private school.  Many times this may be as simple as providing an official transcript each year or using our course objectives for courses planned to be taken during the year
  • Flexible print based and online curriculum options for grades K-5
  • Rigorous, college prep curriculum to prepare students for success in college and life beyond high school

Our staff is experienced with homeschool curriculum in grades K-5 and can help assist in choosing the right curriculum for your son or daughter.  We also blend the homeschool philosophy of education with a private online school offering to create a truly unique learning experience not found in homeschooling or other online school options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

Many people use “homeschool” and “virtual school” interchangeably, but they’re actually very different concepts. Although you may use an online or print curriculum for homeschooling, you are ultimately your child’s teacher—you are solely responsible for their education and reporting to your state as required by law.

CMASAS is a private online school, which means your child will have both a curriculum and instructors. Additionally, CMASAS assists families in complying with all state and school district requirements. We are accredited and our transcripts are recognized and accepted worldwide. CMASAS allows your child to learn at home while enjoying all of the benefits of a traditional school—with none of the downsides.

CMASAS combines the best features of homeschooling and online education for an exceptional learning experience. We take a more personalized approach to virtual schooling that caters to each student’s unique learning style and encourages them to pursue their academic interests. Because we have the ability to meet a wide range of student needs thanks to this approach, CMASAS has been recognized as one of the best online high school diploma programs by The Best Schools.
Many virtual learning programs have a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t work for every student, which prompts some families to turn to homeschooling instead. With CMASAS, you can have it all—credentialed instructors who work directly with your child, the documentation you need to satisfy state requirements, and a flexible curriculum that is easily adaptable to your child’s interests and abilities.
When choosing a virtual learning program, it’s important to select one that offers a personalized approach to learning. Many traditional homeschool programs rely on textbooks and rote memorization, a model of education that many students struggle with. At CMASAS, we adapt our curriculum to each individual student and their unique style of learning. Because CMASAS is a private online school, your child will have the core curriculum and transcripts needed to satisfy state guidelines and college admissions requirements.
Colleges no longer look down upon homeschooling or online schools—in fact, it can often make applicants stand out from the crowd. That said, not all homeschool curricula set your child up for success. Our rigorous courses prepare students for college academics without needing remedial classes to catch up to their peers. We also offer AP courses and dual-enrollment opportunities for students who want to take high school and college classes simultaneously.
It’s common for parents to worry that homeschooling or online schooling won’t provide their children with enough socialization. At CMASAS, we encourage all of our students to engage with their local community. We provide regional gatherings and travel opportunities that allow our students to connect in person and a wide range of extracurricular activities to foster relationships online.