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Tuition Guide

Welcome to CMA School of Arts and Sciences!

We look forward to serving you and working together in providing a world class educational opportunity for your child/ren. Please review the tuition options below and contact our enrollment counselors if you have any questions regarding our pricing.

Family, Military & Friends Discount


10% Off Tuition

CMA School of Arts and Sciences is proud to introduce our Family, Military and Friends Saver Plan. When two or more individuals from your immediate family enroll full-time at CMASAS, your family will receive a 10% reduction in tuition* for new, subsequent student(s). Additionally, we're honored to offer our military families 10% off tuition*. Families automatically qualify regardless of number of family members enrolled.  Discount applies to all self-paid military dependent enrollments.

Learn more about our Family, Military and Friends discount pricing.

*10% discount applies to Silver and Gold level enrollment plans only, Registration fees are not included. Not valid with Diamond level plans. 1st Time enrollments only.  Maximum 10% discount on any one student enrollment.

Compare Enrollment Benefits

Full Time Enrollment

Plan High School Middle School Elementary School
  Year Semester Year Semester Year Semester
Registration Fee $250 $150 $250 $150 $250 $150
Diamond $14,995 N/A $12,995 N/A $12,995 N/A


$6,495 $3,995 $5,495 $3,495 $4,795 $2,995


$5,495 $3,495 $3,995 $2,995 $3,795 $2,495



* More information on Gold Full-Time Medical Plan Enrollment

* Senior/Grad Fee $425 due at start of Senior year

Individual Course Enrollments

MS K-5
Year Course Parts A AND B
(1.0 Credit)
$950 $695 $795 $775
Semester Course Part A OR B
(.5 Credits)
$495 $375 $425 $395
Tuition PAID IN FULL at time of enrollment. Individual Course enrollment includes Registration fee covering application processing and system setup only.