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Tuition Guide

Welcome to CMA School of Arts and Sciences!

We look forward to serving you and working together in providing a world class educational opportunity for your child/ren. Please review the tuition options below and contact our enrollment counselors if you have any questions regarding our pricing.

Friends & Family Discount

Earn up to 15% off tuition!


CMA School of Arts and Sciences is proud to introduce our Family and Friends Saver Plan. When two or more individuals from your immediate family enroll full-time at CMA School of Arts and Sciences, OR a family friend enrolls at a later date, your family will receive up to a 10% reduction in tuition* for each new, subsequent student(s) enrolled. You can earn up to an additional 5% reduction in tuition for any friends who enroll full-time. All active military families automatically qualify beginning with the 1st child enrolled. Discount applies to all self-paid military dependent enrollments.

Learn more about our Family and Friends discount pricing.

Compare Enrollment Benefits

Full Time Enrollment

Plan High School Middle School Elementary School
  Year Semester Year Semester Year Semester
Registration Fee $250 $150 $250 $150 $250 $150
Platinum $8,495 N/A $6,995 N/A $6,495 N/A


$6,495 $3,995 $5,495 $3,495 $4,795 $2,995


$5,495 $3,495 $3,995 $2,995 $3,795 $2,495


$14,995 / year $12,495 / year $9,995/ year

* More information on Gold Full-Time Medical Plan Enrollment

* Senior/Grad Fee $425 due at start of Senior year

Individual Course Enrollments

MS K-5
Year Course Parts A AND B
(1.0 Credit)
$950 $695 $795 $775
Semester Course Part A OR B
(.5 Credits)
$495 $375 $425 $395
Tuition PAID IN FULL at time of enrollment. Individual Course enrollment includes Registration fee covering application processing and system setup only.