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Welcome to CMASAS

Welcome to CMASAS Learning Community where students from around the world come together and Touch the Future! We are not your typical online school. We deliver what other online programs can't - a personalized learning experience tailored to each individual student! We differentiate ourselves from other online schools by not just making the ordinary exceptional, but through our Personalized Philosophy which drives everything we do.

CMASAS has recently been recognized as being in the top 5 of the 50 Best Online High School Diploma programs named by The Best Schools - an independent website which ranks schools on quality based on a number of criteria including accreditation, academic success rate, personal attention, and cost.

Christa McAuliffe

CMASAS Difference

Extensive Electives

Extensive list of high school electives for students with varying interests.


Mastery based assignments and assessments.


Instructor response within 24 hours and mostly same day (includes grading, assignment feedback and response to email/phone communications).

1 To 1

1:1 student teacher interaction.


Which is more than just reading and answering multiple choice questions, with assignments which allows students to show what they know in the learning style they prefer.

Personalized Education

Students have the opportunity to complete assignments based on the learning style in which they learn the best. This approach takes a commitment from both the instructor and student to develop alternative assignments which cover the learning objective and concepts being taught.



Having gone to Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences before, I know that they're really good about helping the students and caring for their educational needs.


One thing I have to say about CMASAS is that there is a great deal of student/teacher interaction. I attended another online school my freshman year of high school and I rarely had my questions answered within an acceptable time frame.


CMASAS DEFINITELY lives up to the goals they claim. Many of the classes definitely can be challenging, through-provoking, and inspiring. The only time a class is going to be easy is if someone already has the knowledge of it, but needs to go through that class to get to the more advanced level. Of course, that's where the personalized classes come in!

Latest Blog Posts

<div class='homepage-block-latest-news'>How to Build Your Community: With Tim McDonald</div>

How to Build Your Community: With Tim McDonald

October 21, 2017

Tim McDonald is an full-time writer and speaker who travels around the world, sharing how to build stronger communities. This past June, he addressed the Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Science’s 2017 graduating class in a riveting speech on how to build your community, the future of work, and how to live a life that matters.  

McDonald wasn’t always a full-time inspirational writer and speaker. Traversing from Community Manager to signing on as Director of Community for Huffington Post, McDonald started off finding great success imbibing the company life. Inundated with requests for interviews and blog features, he soon became uneasy. McDonald recalls asking himself:

“Why am I spending my life living somebody else’s life-- the company’s life. Instead, why am I not living my life? And at that point in time, everything changed for me. It made me really start to understand how we are in control of our own selves and our own decisions and what we want to create in the world: the change that we want to see.... So I started looking at how I could form something that I really loved doing, which was connecting with people. Not just to get business, but to help them fulfill their dreams; to fulfill their desires. To connect them with other people that could help them co-create the world that they wanted to live in.”  

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<div class='homepage-block-latest-news'>WEBINAR: Turning Pro Before High School Graduation </div>

WEBINAR: Turning Pro Before High School Graduation

October 19, 2017

Do you have a passion you’d like to turn pro? Join Jason Richardson: Olympic Psychologist, World Champion, and Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, and learn the skills that will help you grow a champion’s mindset. Through this Webinar, you can expect to learn what beliefs hold you back, what kills your energy, what gives you energy, and how to talk yourself into winning. Join us Thursday October 19th at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST. We can’t wait to see you there!

To Sign Up and Learn More, Click the Link Below!

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<div class='homepage-block-latest-news'>Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins</div>

Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins

October 17, 2017

Do you have a large goal you’d like to see realized, such as going pro before finishing high school? @Entrepreneur’s video entitled “Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins” shares three ways anyone can start changing their story right now and reach the success of their dreams, simply by tweaking their mindset.

The first step, according to Jon Taffer, is to learn that there are no excuses. In his work around the world, he found the common denominator of failure was always excuses. Those who blamed those around them, their environment, or any other mitigating factor on not reaching their goals were more likely to fail. Those who took ownership over their own failures, however, were able to learn from them and grow each setback into success.

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