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Avery Winston
Grade 11

"As an avid equestrian competing in the hunter/jumper/equitation world, I travel and show my horses all around the United States. Competing at a semi-professional level means I spend about six months of the year at shows and the rest practicing diligently. Balancing this demanding schedule with academics seemed impossible until I joined CMASAS.


CMASAS has been a game-changer for me. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled— allowing me to adjust my schedule to fit my training and competition needs. The support from the teachers has been incredible, making it possible for me to excel in challenging courses like honors pre-calculus, even with my busy athletic commitments.


I believe every busy athlete should consider CMASAS. This school provides the freedom to choose classes that align with your interests and the flexibility to manage your time effectively. If you travel frequently, CMASAS is the perfect solution. It's the first school I've experienced that is genuinely committed to a student's education while fully respecting and supporting their lifestyle. CMASAS allows me to pursue my equestrian dreams without compromising my academic goals."