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Ready to Enroll?

Welcome to Christa Mcauliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences! We look forward to serving you and working together in providing a world-class educational opportunity for your child.  

Follow these steps below or schedule an enrollment walkthrough with one of our enrollment counselors to help with choosing a tuition plan, processing payment and completing the Registration Form. 

  1. Compare Tuition Plans - Go to the CMASAS Tuition Guide for pricing information.  You can also compare the benefits of each tuition option with our comparison charts for each enrollment level (ElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh School) which are available to view just below the pricing chart. 

  2. Select Payment Option - Choose the tuition plan desired. You may add the Registration fee at the time of checkout or pay separately if pre-registering and starting enrollment at a later date.  There are both Full- year and semester enrollment options available for Gold and Silver Level enrollments.  The Platinum enrollment plan is a full-year plan.  Once on the desired tuition plan page, select the Enrollment Level (Elementary, Middle School, High School, Individual Course) and process initial payment (choose either payment plan or full payment – Note that the cart defaults to full payment). 

  3. Complete Enrollment Application - Once you have processed the payment for tuition, you will be taken to a landing page with important information regarding completing the online enrollment application.  This form must be completed in order to process student enrollment.   ​

  4. Student Activation - Sit back and be amazed!  Our team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to complete the enrollment process and activate the student account along with any course materials needed for our Foundations in Personalized Learning course if registering for an immediate start date.  If selecting a future start date your enrollment will be completed 48-72 hours prior to the student desired start date. If you do not hear from our office within that time, please contact an enrollment counselor for assistance.  Although rare, there have been some instances with technical issues such as with emails or the phone number provided.  Also, please check your junk/spam folder and settings.


Enrollment Requirements

The enrollment application allows for our staff to initially place a student based on the personal information provided. CMASAS requires a birth certificate or equivalent to match enrollment application data. Transcripts, if applicable are also requested at time of enrollment for proper placement of the student.

Mail, Fax or eMail the following documents:

  • Student Transcripts (full-time enrollments only)
  • Birth Certificate (or other acceptable equivalent document)

Mailing Address:

Personalized Education Group, Inc.
5200 SW Meadows Road, Suite 150
Lake Oswego, OR, 97035

Fax: 1-866-920-1699

Email: Registrar

Once enrolled, an email will be sent to the parent and student requesting the following documents be electronically signed/initialed:

  • Release of Student Records (full-time enrollments only)
  • Signed agreement from the Parent/Student Handbook
  • Signed Student Consent Level Form

The document below is included in the Parent/Student Handbook and also agreed to at time of checkout when making a payment through our cart system.