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Miki Kanda
Mother of two daughters - Class of 2023 and Grade 12

"We are truly grateful for the transformative experience both our daughters have had at CMASAS. Our older daughter graduated in the summer of 2023 overcoming challenges with anxiety that hindered her in the traditional school setting. Intrigued by positive reviews from a colleague's nephew, we enrolled her in CMASAS. The results were remarkable—her mental health improved, grades soared, and confidence blossomed.


The impact of CMASAS on her life extended beyond academics. It fostered independence and honed her time management skills, leading to acceptance offers from esteemed universities like UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco, and Seattle University. My daughter credited CMASAS for teaching her essential life skills, from managing finances to understanding civil rights, areas her previous private high school didn’t cover.


Now, with my 11th grader enrolled at CMASAS, we continue to witness the program's effectiveness. Her ability to set her own work habits allows flexibility in our travels, and we are excited for the new opportunities and experiences this brings to her life.


In gratitude, we thank CMASAS for providing an educational environment that goes beyond academics, shaping our daughters into confident, independent individuals ready for the challenges of the future."