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Our Personalized Learning Model

The purpose of education is to empower students to find their own paths to their own dreams; create life-long learners who are prepared for both the modern world and the future; and to empower individuals to make a positive impact in the world. Our learning model is based on the latest in brain and educational research.

Examples of how we regularly personalize our online courses are:

  • Modifying courses to better fit a student's learning style (making the course more visual, auditory, text-based, etc.)
  • Giving students a choice on how they want to present a project
  • Adding supplementary material if a student is struggling on a concept
  • Giving students the ability to incorporate their passions into an assignment 


Frequently Asked Questions About CMASAS Personalized Learning Model

Online education is much more conducive to student-centered learning than in-person classes. A hallmark of the student-centered approach to education is encouraging students to engage with ideas rather than learning through rote memorization or listening to lectures. In the online environment, instructors play the role of facilitator, giving students the tools they need to navigate complex concepts and become active participants in their learning process.
It’s quite simple: personalized learning allows all students to succeed. It’s a philosophy that not only acknowledges that each student brings something different to the table, but celebrates this fact. When we adapt to our students, rather than expecting our students to adapt to us, it ensures that no one is left behind.
Many parents want to know if online learning is easier or more difficult than traditional in-person schooling. The answer to this question is complicated. Because online learning allows us to meet students where they’re at better than the conventional model of education, it often feels easier to students—we accommodate their learning styles and incorporate their interests into their curriculum, making learning more natural.


The beauty of this approach is that by working with your child’s unique learning style and interests, we’re often able to introduce them to a more challenging curriculum. Thus, online learning feels more effortless to students even though they’re working at a higher level.

With many online schools, curricula are one-size-fits-all, with little room for personalization and only limited interaction between students and teachers. CMASAS does things differently and it’s why we’re ranked as one of the best online high school diploma programs by The Best Schools. Our classes are highly personalized, allowing students of all abilities to thrive.
We know there are several different styles of learning—and many students favor a combination of a few different styles. This means every student has truly unique needs when it comes to online learning. Your child’s teachers will supplement lessons with additional reading for text-based learners; audio explanations of concepts for students who rely on auditory processing; illustrations for those who are visual learners. Furthermore, students can work as fast or as slow as they like, allowing them to focus on mastering one concept before moving onto the next.


There is no boilerplate curriculum at CMASAS. Every student’s education is different and tailored to their needs.

These days, many public schools are cutting budgets and eliminating the elective classes that get students excited about learning. At CMASAS, we give our students choices so they can pursue their passions. Whether it’s Latin or Lord of the Rings, we offer learning opportunities that can’t be found in traditional schools.