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Personalized Education Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our highly personalized approach allows students to re-engage in their academics and become passionate about learning again. That spark that was so alive in every student during their early formative years of Kindergarten and beyond becomes re-ignited through our self-paced, mastery-based personalized learning style of online education. We believe that students can be, and are, as passionate about learning as they are about their other pursuits in life. How do we do this? We simply design a graduation plan around their current skills and abilities, interests, hobbies, and learning styles. We look at the whole child or young adult, not just in terms of their academic life, but all inclusive of their interests, goals and learning styles. Our Student-Designed courses have included song writing, music engineering and mixing, theatrical performance, musical performance, surfboard engineering, artistic design, and many more. Real courses, real credits for real students who are passionate about living life. Students take an active role in their education, from the development of their education plans to collaboration with course instructors. Students are provided guidance and assistance each step of the way while also being nurtured toward becoming self-directed, confident individuals ready for college and future career roles. Through empowerment, learning can be fun and meaningful. Incorporate the Now, Prepare for the Future. 
CMASAS Difference