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Personalication - A Personalized Education Philosophy


Our highly personalized approach allows students to re-engage in their academics and become passionate about learning again. The spark of curiosity and thirst for the knowledge of the world comes alive in students through our self-paced, mastery-based, personalized style of online education. We believe that students can be - and are - as passionate about learning as they are about their other pursuits in life.  

How do we do this? We like to call it Personalication - a state, process, or practice for one’s personal educational growth in a positively charged and supportive environment.  It is a personalized education philosophy that embodies everything that we do here at CMASAS.  From how we design our courses to how our Personalized Education Coaches and Course Instructors interact and engage with students, the tenets of our model are our guiding principles. 

Through empowerment, learning can be fun and meaningful. Incorporate the now, prepare to touch the future of education.