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The Mission of Bull City Gymnastics is to create an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm while using the sport of gymnastics to motivate and inspire our students to set and reach their goals.


Bull City Gymnastics’ partnership with Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences has allowed us to provide our athletes with top-tier education and training. The CMASAS program allows our athletes access to a rigorous education system that fits into their daily training schedule. With the help of CMASAS, Bull City Gymnastics can offer an asynchronous learning environment for its athletes in a condensed schedule, without detracting from curriculum essentials.


Held within a private classroom setting amongst BCG’s student-athletes, members of our “Gym School” are equipped with an in-person licensed teacher/ education coordinator and an assistant, in addition to their CMASAS certified course instructors and PECs. Through our partnership with the program, BCG’s CMASAS students can access and complete daily lessons and activities in a customized time frame that morphs around their schedule and individualized learning needs. In addition to their online classrooms, students are given an in-person learning environment that promotes the ideals CMASAS embodies: collaboration, diversity, and grasping in-depth understandings of real-world content and concepts.


Our partnership helps to cultivate learning in these areas through their virtual courses, while also working face-to-face alongside fellow peers in training, as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Our on-site education coordinator is able to work simultaneously with CMASA’S PECs and course instructors to answer student questions, provided needed accommodations, personalize learning experiences, schedule virtual meetings with course instructors to enhance learning, and administer an accommodating and effective school schedule for our athletes and their families. Administrators, PEC’s, and course instructors alike take the time to care for each need and student on a personal level.


The Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences’ partnership with Bull City Gymnastics has been essential to furthering the success of our athletes in the gym and in the classroom. CMASAS has created a customizable online learning experience for our student-athletes, their onsite education coordinator, and parents allowing all parties the access needed to achieve goals with efficiency and ease. Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences continuously goes above and beyond to help Bull City Gymnastics ensure that support for our gymnasts’ growth and achievement remains a top priority in all areas!