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Physical Science

Physical Science


Physical Science is the study of the nature and structure of matter and the characteristics of energy.  Physical Science A begins with the exploration of the scientific method and how matter is measured.  Students then delve deeper into the study of matter by investigating its properties and the forms in which it exists.  Different states of matter are discussed as well as its ability to occur as elements, compounds, and mixtures.  With this knowledge, student learn about the basic unit of a chemical element, the atom, including the history of its development.  The course then describes the arrangement of elements in the periodic table, characteristics that different groups of elements have, and trends that can be observed along the rows and columns of the periodic table.  The last part of the course encompasses why chemical reactions occur, how elements combine with each other, and properties of chemicals such as acids and bases, and organic compounds.  The course also introduces students to laboratory principles and practices.

Completion of both semesters of this course provides a solid foundation for continuing study of chemistry and physics.

- Additional lab fee may apply
2 Semesters