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IT Privacy, Ethics, and Compliance
ASU Course Name
CIS 402: Privacy, Ethics, and Compliance Issues
Subject Area

This course addresses the basic concepts and terminology related to privacy and summarizes the important privacy regulations that exist domestically and internationally. In addition, ethical topics & issues in cybersecurity and information technology are also discussed. Major Information Security compliance frameworks used in industry such as: NIST, the ISO 27000 Series, COBIT, PCI-DSS, and Generally Acceptable Privacy Principles (GAPP) are explored in detail. Implementation methodologies and industry best practices of industry frameworks to support adherence compliance and relevant regulatory requirements are also presented.


This course is a compliment to the Google IT Certificate, but not required. Learn more about the certificate here.

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University Credits
3 credits
CMASAS Credits
1 credit (CTE)
CIS 194 Business Technology Fundamentals CIS 194 Computer Networking in Organizations CIS 194 Operating Systems Management for Business CIS 294 System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services CIS 394 Introduction to IT Security in an Organization