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Student Testimonials

CMASAS Alumi - Liat S. - Class of 2017

"Being able to gain the skills of independence, time management, and self-motivation during my time at CMASAS allowed me to graduate from the University of Alabama a year early and apply and become a doctoral candidate in the Occupational Therapy program at the University of Florida. I felt well prepared during the change in the curriculum during the pandemic when all my classes went online. I am excited to use the skills I gain in my doctorate program as an occupational therapist specializing in hand therapy!"

Lindsay B.

“CMASAS has helped me make great friends and prepared me for life after high school. I’m thankful for the flexibility and safe and caring environment CMASAS provided me, as well as being able to work one-on-one with course instructors on subjects that may be difficult to understand.”

Kennedy K.

“One of the perks of working online and being homeschooled is that CMASAS has given me the opportunity to travel to many different places in the world. My favorite thing about CMASAS is the flexibility of my classes and the ability to work ahead in any subject. I also love my Personalized Education Coach who is very helpful!”

Benjamin B.

“CMASAS supports me in setting realistic goals. They offer a flexible program that allows me to work at my own pace and create my own schedule; great teachers who are always willing to help; and fun classes. I enjoy the Minecraft Club, homeroom, and doing science experiments.” 


CMASAS gave me the greatest high school experience I could have asked for! The teachers and faculty work closely with the students to give them the best education they can, tailored to their specific learning needs as well as their interests.


I went to CMASAS from sophomore through senior year of high school and the experience that I had was invaluable! The faculty is highly professional and very supportive.

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Parent Testimonials

Parent of Former Virtual Academy Student Now Enrolled with CMASAS

We tried one other and while it was adequate it did not offer much in the way of teacher interaction. The following year we switched to CMASAS. CMASAS offers much more in the way of teacher support and social activities. My son especially enjoys the clubs.

Parent CMASAS Student

I have been pleased with my son's experience thus far. He has dealt with much school trauma and CMASAS thus far has offered him the ability to work at his own pace without dealing with the threat of bullying and negative classroom experiences. I appreciate the flexibility (we love to travel!) and the ability to be more hands on with his education without having to be the teacher.

Parent CMASAS Student

I am really impressed with the instructor's responsiveness to my daughter's academic needs.

Alumni Parent CMASAS Student

My daughter just graduated from CMASAS after 2.5 years, and I couldn't be happier. Her self-confidence and love of learning is 100% restored. Over time, I've sadly become accustomed to schools that over-promise and under-deliver -- but CMASAS really did everything they promised!

Parent CMASAS Student

CMASAS seems to be the perfect fit for us. So glad we made the switch!

Parent of CMASAS Student

We will be actively recommending your school, not only because of your outstanding staff, but because you have shown the priority of placing students and education first.

Proud Alumni Parent of CMASAS Student

Our son received the support that he needed to excel in school, and as parents, my husband and I received constant communication and a genuine sense of concern about his development both as a student and as an individual. This has been priceless.


Our previous (online) school would take weeks to grade my son's work, and they never returned my phone calls. CMASAS is quick to respond and grade, I always know we can get the help we need in a timely manner.