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Student Spotlight

October Spotlight

Degas - Green Dancer

Lauren Shultz - 6th grade

This is my version of The Green Dancer by Degas. This is drawn with crayons.

Cultural Exploration Club

Wells Ford - 6th grade

Veiw Presentation

India: My Grandfather's Experiences with the People, Culture, and Land.

This is a Powerpoint presentation of my Grandfather's trip to India in 1998 and 2000. It was a fantastic learning experience to discuss these trips, gifts he brought back, and look at the photos with him. There are many things that have changed and some things that are still the same since he visited India.

Free time Poetry

Lork Vuthea Ewan Horrocks - 12th grade

I did these poems in my free time in response to a lot of things. The war, the suffering I see and I was inspired by my English and Myths course.


September Spotlight

Photography Club

2021-2022 End of Year Gallery