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Student Spotlight

November Spotlight

Living a Meaningful Life Beyond Challenges Article

Abby - 11th grade

Abby wanted to share an article that she wrote about being a teen with a chronic illnesses and how her health has shaped her life in many wonder ways. The article was just recently published in The Mighty.

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Ottoman Empire Project

Christian- 9th grade

Christian had to compare the Ottoman Empire to the Safavid. He made a Lego animation to do this.

Project (.mov)


Biology Project

Louis - 9th grade

This slide deck describes the biological processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in detail with fantastic illustrations and a helpful glossary. Makes for an excellent study guide for those in Biology A!

Project (.pdf)


October Spotlight

Lord of the Rings Project

Paige - 12th grade

Paige submitted a series of character portraits and character reflections as her final for the course.

Project (.pdf)

Coding I A Project

Luke - 9th grade

Luke submitted a presentation explaining how programming has steadily become more common in other fields, as well as four examples of fields that have implemented programming.

Project (.pdf)


Candy Project

Wells - 5th grade

Language Arts 5 Candy Project for Charlie and Chocolate Factory Novel Study This is a new candy Wells is hoping Willy Wonka will consider for his line of candy products. It's sure to bring some excitement to your taste buds and your life!

Project (.pdf)


September Spotlight

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