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Student Spotlight

March Spotlight

Alexus's Superior Soaps

Alexus - 2nd grade

Here is Alexus at a little flea market on the beach in Atami, Japan. Alexus said after doing the soap business for a while, she wants to take the money and create some type of English school for Japanese children (with her as the teacher). She's learning about not only manufacturing the products (mixing and measuring) but keeping product quality high and costs low. She's learning about the importance of display and advertising, how to upsell, and how to interact with strangers in a manner that causes them to enter our zone and purchase our product. And she's doing all of this in her second language! If anyone has any business or hotel contacts in Japan that would be interested in carrying the product, they can respond to alexussoaps@hotmail.com.

The Sunflower and The Dandelion

Emma - 12th grade

Four page mini-epic titled "The Sunflower and The Dandelion," which is modeled after Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and a reflective essay comparing the two.

Thor's Play

Lindsay (Leo) - 11th grade

Lindsey (Leo) wrote, recorded, and edited a play on the Hero Journey of Thor. He recorded it as a one man show and loved the way it came out. His goal was to make it an at-home theater experience due to live theater being on pause and just now resuming in some places due to the pandemic. Be sure to check out the program to see the cast and crew! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

February Spotlight

Genghis Khan "Interview"

Violet - 8th grade

Read about "Violet Moon's" interview with special guest Genghis Khan, on WWW News!

Unit 2 Exploration - Historical Figure Action Hero

Emma - 10th grade

This submission is a design for an action figure box. The figure had to be based off a person from either of the World Wars or the Cold War. Jack Churchill was the chosen historical figure for this assignment.

You're the Teacher Project - Plants

Theodore - 4th grade

A book about living and nonliving things written by Theodore.

December/January Spotlight

National American Miss Jr. Teen

Noelia - 10th grade

Noelia Velazquez won the title of Miss North Carolina the weekend of July 4th. She went on representing her state at various activities and continued her Girl Strong workshops in underserved communities to help the younger generation live authentically and find what makes them unique, as well as inspire them to help in their community. She then competed at the National American Miss Nationals and the I AM Pageant Powerhouse Internationals in Orlando, FL the week of Thanksgiving, representing North Carolina in the largest pageant system in the USA.

Noelia won the National overall title for her age group:
National American Miss Jr. Teen.

She also won:

  • International Red Carpet Correspondent Winner
  • International Fun Fitness Winner
  • International Brand Ambassador
  • International I AM MAKING A DIFFERENCE Winner
  • International I AM A LEADER 1st runner up
  • I AM American Miss Winner (highest combined score of Spokesmodel, Heart of Service & Photogenic)
  • National Actress Winner
  • National Spirit of America Winner
  • 2nd runner up Spokesmodel
  • 4th runner up Runway Model

To follow her journey throughout the year follow her on Instagram: @thenamjrteen and on her personal account @iam_noeliavelazquez


Cannon Beach at Sunset

Abby - 7th grade



Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

Viola - 7th grade

The life cycle of the butterfly is one of the most amazing transformations that occurs in nature. Viola modeled the 4 stages.

Project (.mov)

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Performed by Cats

Andromeda - 10th grade

Andromeda completed her Shakespeare honors project for her English class. She directed and produced a 10-minute film of a scene from Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, using only my cats as the actors.

YouTube Link 



November Spotlight

Living a Meaningful Life Beyond Challenges Article

Abby - 11th grade

Abby wanted to share an article that she wrote about being a teen with a chronic illnesses and how her health has shaped her life in many wonder ways. The article was just recently published in The Mighty.

Read Article

Ottoman Empire Project

Christian- 9th grade

Christian had to compare the Ottoman Empire to the Safavid. He made a Lego animation to do this.

Project (.mov)


Biology Project

Louis - 9th grade

This slide deck describes the biological processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in detail with fantastic illustrations and a helpful glossary. Makes for an excellent study guide for those in Biology A!

Project (.pdf)


October Spotlight

Lord of the Rings Project

Paige - 12th grade

Paige submitted a series of character portraits and character reflections as her final for the course.

Project (.pdf)

Coding I A Project

Luke - 9th grade

Luke submitted a presentation explaining how programming has steadily become more common in other fields, as well as four examples of fields that have implemented programming.

Project (.pdf)


Candy Project

Wells - 5th grade

Language Arts 5 Candy Project for Charlie and Chocolate Factory Novel Study This is a new candy Wells is hoping Willy Wonka will consider for his line of candy products. It's sure to bring some excitement to your taste buds and your life!

Project (.pdf)


September Spotlight

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