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Student Spotlight

April Spotlight

Ancient Civilizations of Egypt

Aleph - 6th grade

This was an assignment for MS World History.


Revolutionary War Newspaper

Adam - 8th grade

This was a project for MS US History course.






After Toulouse - Lautrec

Taylor - 3rd grade


This was fun to create for a 3rd grade art course. Mixing colors to get the greyish blue was interesting. 



March Spotlight

Mountains ©

Ada - 9th grade


Drawing skills assessment for an Intermediate Drawing course.

Lousy Cat

Branden - 12th grade


A collage of the making of a clay model of Kiki, our family's "lousy cat," an assignment for Studio Arts A.





Geometry Honors Project

Emmy - 9th grade

Emmy made a jungle gym for her little brother, designing it using trig learned in Geometry. Here are some of the photos and work.

Honors Project





February Spotlight

Let Me Fly ©

Kennedy - 3rd grade

Kennedy started to write "Let Me Fly" when she was seven years old and finished it when she turned eight. As you can tell from her song, she sings from her heart. Kennedy enjoys singing and creating new lyrics all day long. We submitted a copyright form and in January 2021, Kennedy received her first copyright certificate for her song "Let Me Fly."

Let Me Fly audio



US Government Project

Robert - 12th grade

This Honors Project shows which parties won Presidential Elections from the start of the country to today.

Honors Project



Virtual PJ Party

Iona - 4th grade


Iona hosted a virtual pj party and collected over 60 pairs of pjs for kids this year. Iona was inspired by Giving Tuesday ideas and came up with a virtual PJ party. She made flyers to put in neighbors mailboxes and asked her mom to post on FB as well. They delivered a box to Children's Inn at NIH (Wash DC), a box to Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, and sent a big box to Cradles to Crayons in Philly. They also set aside a few for a local family in need. She sent thank you notes and candy canes to all who donated. She really enjoyed thinking about the smiles the cozy and cute pjs will bring to kids this holiday season!


Final Exploration

Lilia - 10th grade

Final Exploration - Virtual Field Trip for World History Honors Course
Lilia had chosen to create this painting off of what she had learned in the National Women's History Museum. The painting you see is a current figure in a museum that has and is still making history, Malala Yousafzai. In the piece that she had created, she wanted to not only show what she looks like, but also what she has done. The art medium she used was water color for her face, hair, stems of the flowers, pen for the writing and lastly, real rose petals cut out to make her headdress. The writing surrounding her are all things she has said that stood out to her. Most of them represent one of her main missions, " To give all girls education, and a a chance to grow up to who they want to be" ; Hence the flowers, they are growing and blooming. All in all, Lilia feels she is an inspiring and amazing woman of history!