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PEC Plus

Gold+ Benefits

We took the most beneficial portion of our Personalized Education Coach position based on parent feedback and input to create our Gold+ option for additional PEC level support. 


PEC Plus


Students can enjoy up to daily contact (Monday-Friday) with their PEC who act as a life coach for the student. As a life coach the PEC helps to set goals; create a system of personal accountability for those goals (in a positive, caring atmosphere), and most of all keep communication between the student, the parents, course instructors, and the PEC focused on student success.


  • up to 2 hours weekly contact with a Personalized Education Coach (PEC)
  • Phone or video chat for up to 20 minutes per day
  • Guidance through active questioning regarding their daily progress, course scheduling, goal setting, and/or individual course and annual progress
  • Regular communication with the parent regarding student progress