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Middle School - Grades 6-8

Welcome to Middle School

Thank you for your interest in our middle school program (grades 6-8). CMASAS provides an enriching experience for students through a personalized approach to meet the diverse needs of today's students. Whether it is taking a course for high school credit or creating a customized course based on student interest and needs, CMASAS provides the flexibility to promote student success.

Courses are mastery-based (80% and above) and self-paced. This allows a student to move more quickly through a course or take additional time to fully understanding a concept if needed.

Ready to enroll your student in our middle school program? First, select your tuition plan (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), scroll down to find their grade level, and select "enroll now!"

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Courses Available

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Our middle school program provides classes in a number of subject areas including language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts, technology, and health and fitness. We also have a list of engaging elective courses to choose from, including music and digital photography.

Explore our middle school catalog for a description of each course.

Personalized Education Coaches

Each Platinum and Gold level enrolled student has a dedicated Personalized Education Coach. PEC's are certified teachers who take care of the "big picture" for each student. A PEC acts as a guide, advocate, and primary point of contact. A student's PEC oversees the student's progress, makes sure certain requirements are met, and helps tailor the program to meet the student's learning styles, personal interests, and goals. Students can choose to keep the same PEC year after year.


Course Instructors

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While the Personalized Education Coach serves as the teacher for electives, students will have course instructors for core subject areas including foreign language. Using highly qualified and certified course instructors ensures that each student receives a high-quality learning experience. As the student approaches high school, the likelihood of one or more classes having a specialized course instructor increases, making this a more natural transition period into high school.