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Middle School - Grades 6-8

About Our Online Private Middle School



Thank you for your interest in our online middle school program for grades 6-8. CMASAS provides an enriching experience for students through a personalized approach to meet the diverse needs of today's students. We offer full-time tuition plans as well as individual courses.

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Knoxville Regional Gathering


Photo from Regional Gathering in Knoxville, TN.

Middle School Courses

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Our middle school program provides two semesters in each of the core courses, language arts, math, science, social studies. We also have a list of engaging elective courses to choose from including the arts, technology, health and fitness, music, digital photography, and foreign languages. We allow students to take high school foreign language courses for high school credit.

Courses are mastery-based (80% and above) and self-paced. This self-paced nature of our program allows a student to move more quickly through a course or take additional time to fully understanding a concept if needed. We also allow students opportunities to master the concepts by revisiting what they have learned so that they earn at least an 80% in the course.

If your middle school student is already on an accelerated track, the Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences will ensure that they are placed in the courses that will challenge them; for an additional fee, they will even have the opportunity to take some high school courses for credit towards graduation.

Personalized Education Coaches

Each Gold level enrolled student has a dedicated Personalized Education Coach (PEC.) PECs are certified teachers who act as guides, advocates, and the primary points of contact at the school. They maintain regular communication with students and families and are available to answer questions that arise. In addition, a student’s PEC oversees the student’s progress, makes sure certain requirements are met, and advocates for the student in tailoring the program to meet the student’s learning styles, personal interests, and goals. In addition, PECs host a weekly homeroom for their students, allowing students to connect with other students attending the Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences.

In this video, Assistant Director of Instruction and PEC Brittanie Bates talks about her role with students and families.


Course Instructors

Daisy and PEC Kids


PEC and Course Instructor, Daisy Cheatham, with her students

While the Personalized Education Coach serves as the teacher for electives, students will have course instructors for core subject areas including foreign language courses. Each of our certified course instructors ensures that each student receives a high-quality learning experience. Since students in these grades are preparing to transition into high school, middle school course instructors encourage students to fully embrace their learning experiences by, for example, choosing how they demonstrate their understanding of the learning objectives. The majority of our online middle school curriculum is created by our team of curriculum developers. We are able to personalize a course to fit a student's needs while adhering to our accreditation standards.


Middle School Clubs

We have a variety of clubs for middle school students to join! Click on the icons below to view a description of each club. You can find a full list of clubs here.