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Kauai Academics provides learning support and individualized educational services for students on Kauai’s north shore.


Kauai Academics’ partnership with Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences provides individualized instruction to high school students on the north shore of Kauai. Families choose Kauai Academics for various reasons: geographical location, flexibility for travel, level of academic rigor, smaller learning environment for students with learning differences, and flexibility for pre-professional or junior athletes.


Students in the partnership enroll in CMASAS online school and thrive within an in-person learning environment, which provides structure, support and peer collaboration. Students meet in the learning center, Monday through Thursday, from 8:30am - 1:30pm. Students benefit from routine, peer interaction, and teacher support. Although the program primarily serves Kauai’s north shore, Kauai Academics does work with fully remote students in other states who have a previous relationship with the lead teacher, or who are referred by current families.


Kauai Academics partnership is led by Ms. Tanya Wadhwani, a veteran teacher with more than 20 years of education experience. Ms. Wadhwani provides direct instruction across the curriculum including English, Spanish, math, history, and sciences. Ms. Wadhwani incorporates different elements in the learning center that are not found in most traditional settings. Kauai Academics fosters multi-grade learning. Students learn how to be mentors and they learn that their strengths are not necessarily decided by their ages. Though math, science, and history are distinguished by grade level, students engage in the same differentiated assignments for language arts. Students learn the benefit of collaboration across grades, ages, experiences, and curriculums and find their peers and teacher to be a source of support and, often, encouragement and affection.


In addition to engaging with the CMASAS curriculum, students in the learning center often spend part of their day discussing current events, politics, and social issues. Students are allowed to ask as many questions as needed. They build their understanding of the world through conversations, playing geography games, or through cheering for a classmate who is surfing in a competition that’s being televised live. Kauai Academics is a family.


Kauai Academics encourages team building based on student interests. Golf and tennis have been student favorites.





“My school situation benefits my family’s lifestyle. I travel consistently and with this program, and along with the support of my teacher, I have the freedom to continue to learn remotely no matter the location. When I’m not traveling, I can still attend classes every day and get in-person assistance, just as I would in a traditional high school. I have more flexible class hours which helps keep me engaged and ready to learn.”
Rumi, 9th Grade


“I chose this program because I feel that learning in a smaller classroom setting is easier for me. When thinking about selecting a high school, I knew I did not want to learn in a classroom with 30 kids. That was just not an option for me. We found a teacher and an online school and have been there ever since (4 years). And I have loved it.”
Jowan, 12th Grade


“I appreciate how CMASAS is set up to be user friendly and effective in providing challenging academics. CMASAS offers a lot of support for traveling students and to students who can’t attend in-person class. I appreciate how the program makes the lessons and assignments simple to access and read through. That’s why I have been loyal to this program for four years. Tanya plus CMASAS is a great way to do school.”
Rios, 12th Grade


“This program has helped me in a variety of ways. I’ve never felt more liberated and self-directed. Although it is more difficult and requires more independence, it is reassuring to know that I can always connect with Tanya to ask any questions or reframe an assignment so I can better understand it…I consider myself lucky to have Tanya as my senior year teacher!"
Makela, 12th Grade


Lead teacher, Tanya Wadhwani (front row center), students, and parents gather for the partnership’s annual student/parent trivia game