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Math 6

The course is designed to engage students at every turn. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of number manipulation by applying it to real world scenarios. The course is packed with games that reinforce content and let students practice the skills they have learned throughout the course. Tidbits of trivia and activities throughout the course leave students with a smile.

Duration : 2 Semesters
Recommended Grade Level : 6th

Math 7

This course is designed to expand student knowledge about the transformation of shapes by sliding, flipping, rotating, and enlarging them on a coordinate plane. This course gives students the opportunity to create, investigate, and demonstrate knowledge at both intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be amazed with the skills that they accumulate while completing this course.

Duration : 2 Semesters
Recommended Grade Level : 7th

Math 8

Students who love interactive learning will enjoy pre-Algebra concepts in Math 8. They experience intrigue and fun when they log in to Math 8. This hands-on course is full of slideshows, applications, videos, and real-world scenarios. The satisfaction students gain from truly understanding higher level concepts such as functions and systems of equations encourages excitement and joy for learning that they may have never experienced before.

Duration : 2 Semesters
Recommended Grade Level : 8th