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Painting, Advanced

Painting, Advanced

Visual & Performing Arts

Advanced Painting is for those students with prior intermediate –level painting experience. Students should be familiar with the use of the elements and principles of art to represent depth and perspective. Advanced skills in water-based, oil, or other media will be expanded and practiced.  Students will survey current and past works of artists from around the world to develop an appreciation of the diverse ways painting is approached and applied. Students will apply the elements and principles of art along with critical analysis of paintings to make intentional decision to achieve goals in their work.

Emphasis is continued on building technical and artistic paint-handling skills. Painting styles, ranging from abstract, through semi-abstract, to representational will be explored. Along with specific, skill-focused assignments, students will complete a portfolio of pieces demonstrating the range of skills and concepts developed during the course. This work is particularly well suited to the preparation or portfolios for admission into college art and design programs. 

A list of materials and sources can be obtained from the instructor prior to registration in the course based on student interest. 

Intermediate Painting or equivalent skills
1 Semester