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Digital Publishing, Beginning

Digital Publishing, Beginning

Visual & Performing Arts

A blending of the creativity, techniques, and design  used to produce refined print or online e-publications. Examples of contexts include, but are not limited to, books, ebooks, slide presentations, websites or blogs, multimedia videos, graphic novels, and infographics. The Digital Publication course is highly customized to students’ interests and needs; however, the emphasis will be on the process of going from conceptualization through development, revising, and production of effective communication items. The application of the elements and principles of design, visual problem-solving, and critical analysis of design products will be emphasized.

Because Digital Publication is highly customized, students need to expect to be in regular communication with the instructor. Often, meeting directly through online Adobe Connect office or Skype is needed for work review and direct demonstration of particular techniques with specific software. An optional weekly office hour for this course will be available. 

There is the option for students to work with projects in a collaborative manner. If this is of interest, involvement with the Arts Club is recommended. Students wanting to work with the school yearbook or other publications can earn credit through Digital Publications.

1 Semester