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Health Science Foundations

Health science careers are not only in high demand, but they offer a diverse range of careers for all types of people interested in helping others. Acquire foundational knowledge required to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, and the education, training, and credentials needed to attain them. Learn basic medical terminology, principles of anatomy and physiology, and legal and ethical responsibilities. Explore communication, teamwork, and leadership techniques – providing a solid basis for those wanting to advance through the health sciences.

Making sure that you, your patients, and your colleagues stay safe, you’ll begin analyzing your responsibilities for ensuring patient and personal safety with special attention paid to emergency procedures. Examine infection control, first-aid, CPR, and measuring a patient’s vitals. Learn about numerical data, such as systems of measurement, medical math, and reading and interpreting charts. And examine effective teamwork and leadership characteristics while building your employment skills.

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2 Semesters