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Project Management Certification
ASU Course Name
Project Management
Subject Area
Mastery Certificate

Learn the skills used by project managers to understand a project life cycle, determine time and sequencing, creating a needs assessment and cost estimation, and plan project resource management.

  • 4 courses
  • 12 credit hours
  • Try any course in this certificate for $25. Total cost to transcript all courses is $1,700.

In this online program, you'll work through four ASU Universal Learner Courses. You pay only $25 to begin a course, and $400 at the end of each course to convert the course for credit.

Upon completion, you'll receive a Mastery Certificate in Project Management from ASU, as well as 12 credit hours that you can apply towards a bachelor's degree.

Total cost for the program is $1,700

Courses you must complete for certificate:

PMG 240 - Introduction to Project Management

PMG 322 - Project Time Management

PMG 323 - Project Cost Management

PMG 324 - Resources in Project Management

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