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Paleoanthropology (ASM 246)

Paleoanthropology (ASM 246)

Human Origins

The course will take you on a fascinating journey through the scientific evidence for human evolution. Dr. Donald Johanson, the paleoanthropologist who found the famous skeleton “Lucy,” will guide you through an overview of the hominin fossil record as well as introduce you to evolutionary theory. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into the world of paleoanthropological field research from Dr. Johanson’s perspective.

What you’ll learn

  • Outline the nature of science and explain how scientific research is conducted.
  • Identify humans’ place in the natural world from taxonomic/phylogenetic perspectives.
  • Define the role of paleoanthropologists in human origins research.
  • Identify how paleoanthropologists use the scientific method to formulate hypotheses and strategically conduct research.
  • Articulate differences between scientific evidence for human evolution and non-scientific, non-testable, explanations for human origins.

What to expect in class

Video and Audio Lectures, readings, quizzes, midterm exam, final exam, interactive mastery exercises, discussion boards, introductions, and a course readiness course.

Exams and grading

  • 30% - Quizzes (8)
  • 15% - Midterm Exam
  • 30% - Final Exam
  • 25% - Content Mastery (7)

University Credits: 
3 credits
CMASAS Credits: 
1 credit (Social Studies)
Instructor-led (8 weeks)
Start Dates: 
Jan 10, 2023