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ASU Course Name
CHM 101: Introductory Chemistry
Subject Area

Atoms make up everything, but what does that really mean, what are atoms, and why should I care? In this course we explain from first principles, but in an easily understandable way, exactly how atoms make up everything, how the molecules of life and the materials of the world are formed, with an emphasis on how these materials and molecules do what they do. You will learn practical applications of chemistry and biochemistry, such as how blood pH is regulated, and answers to fundamental questions such as where did everything come from and why everything around you actually exists!

You will learn the language of molecular level science, and gain an understanding of how basic molecular phenomena helps explain basic biology, materials science and engineering. You will learn by doing, and you will be helped along the way with instant visual and audio feedback. You will gain valuable learning skills that should be broadly applicable to future courses in science health and technology.

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Instructor-led (16 weeks)
University Credits
4 credits
CMASAS Credits
1.33 credit (Science)
MAT 117 College Algebra or MAT 142 College Mathematics