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Accounting for Business (ACC 231)

Accounting for Business (ACC 231)

Uses of Accounting Information I

Are you interested in business and its financial aspects? This course introduces the uses of accounting information throughout the business cycle and how accounting information is used for internal and external purposes. Topics include Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or 'GAAP' and the preparation and analysis of financial statements.

Opportunities to apply concepts with hands-on practice are integrated throughout the course. In addition, the course's content is adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery of the concepts on a personalized learning path.

Focused on decision-making and the role of accounting in the decision-making process, this course's topics are applicable not only to business but to any situation that utilizes financial information.

What you’ll learn

  • The uses and limitations of accounting information.
  • The types of business entities, internal controls, and regulatory bodies.
  • Complete the steps of the accounting cycle from transaction entry to preparation of financial statements.
  • How to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Assumptions (GAAP) within the overall accounting framework.
  • How to interpret and analyze financial statements using ratio analysis.

What to expect in class

Videos including concept animations, Module Introductions, lectures, Walkthroughs, and summaries, readings, quizzes, interactive assignments, and exams.

Exams and grading

  • 20% - CogBooks Learning (12)
  • 10%- Quizzes (12)
  • 20% -Day in the Life of Your Company (12 interactive assignments)
  • 15% each - Exams 1 and 2
  • 20% - Exam 3 / Final Exam

University Credits: 
3 credits
CMASAS Credits: 
1 credit (CTE)
Instructor-led (8 weeks)
Start Dates: 
Oct. 11, 2022 & Mar 7, 2023