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Why is Being an Accredited School Important?

CMASAS is WASC-accredited. You may ask, why is this so important? Being an accredited school is important for several reasons:  


7.    Quality assurance: Accreditation ensures that a school meets established quality standards for education. Schools that are accredited have undergone a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that they meet specific academic and administrative standards, including faculty qualifications, curriculum, and student services.  


8.    Transfer credits: Accredited schools are more likely to have credits that transfer to other accredited schools. This means that students who transfer to another school or continue their education after graduation are more likely to have their credits recognized and accepted by other institutions.  


9.    Employer recognition: Employers often prefer to hire graduates from accredited schools because they know that these students have received a high-quality education. Accreditation indicates that the school has met established standards for education, and this can provide an added level of assurance to potential employers.  


10.Financial aid: Accreditation is often a requirement for students to be eligible for federal financial aid programs. This means that students who attend an accredited school may have access to more financial aid options, making higher education more accessible and affordable.  


In summary, accreditation is important because it ensures that schools meet established quality standards for education, allows for easier transfer of credits, provides assurance to employers, and increases access to financial aid.