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Written by Channing Magee

In Fall 2023, CMASAS hosted an enlightening assembly featuring Rebecca Blum, a veteran in the film and television industry. The assembly stood out for its remarkable ability to not only inspire students to navigate their paths in the entertainment production industry but also to illustrate the diverse ways in which students can harness the world around them to chart the 

best course for their aspirations. 


Rebecca's journey into the industry began during her study abroad experience, where homesickness served as a catalyst for her passion—a pivotal moment at the cinema, where she found solace in a happy movie. This ignited her desire to contribute to the emotional impact of film and television. Starting as a production assistant, she meticulously built her career, advocating for herself and establishing crucial connections on her journey toward becoming a director. 


Having dedicated five years to the sitcom "Mom," Rebecca leveraged her robust networking connections to secure her coveted role as a director. She attributed her success to a combination of hard work, unwavering determination, and the ability to connect with influential figures in her workplace. In her address to students, she urged them to identify and pursue a field they are truly passionate about. She emphasized the importance of securing a mentor and dedicating oneself to excellence in their chosen path.


Rebecca also touched on the significance of standing up for oneself in the workplace, sharing her experience of participating in the SAG-Aftra Strike. Breaking down her on-set responsibilities and offering a glimpse into the industry's daily workings through captivating photographs, she painted a vivid picture of life behind the scenes. Her detailed walkthrough of various roles on set showcased the multitude of opportunities within the industry, encouraging students to find their niche and explore their interests.


Following her well-prepared presentation, Rebecca graciously engaged with students, answering thoughtful questions and providing valuable insights. The event, guided by a few Student Council Members, was exceptionally informative and impactful. A heartfelt thank you to Rebecca Blum for generously taking the time to broaden the students' perspectives and expose them to possibilities they may not have considered before.