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Written by April Sandoval

CMASAS is dedicated to establishing a vibrant online global family within its online school framework, aiming to cultivate a strong sense of connection, support, and shared purpose among students and staff. This approach goes beyond traditional educational boundaries, contributing to a more enriching and inclusive learning experience.


The core of CMASAS's strategy lies in its team approach, where students, their Personalized Education Coaches, and Course Instructors work closely together. This interconnectedness fosters collaboration and shared learning experiences, providing students with a diverse range of perspectives and a broader understanding of their subjects.


The commitment to student engagement is evident through various avenues such as clubs, all-school assemblies, student council sponsored events, regional gatherings,. These activities not only contribute to a positive digital culture but also play a crucial role in forming lifelong connections and friendships within the online school community.


Empowering students through leadership roles and celebrating achievements further strengthens the sense of community at CMASAS, making the online global family an integral aspect of the holistic development of individuals. This dynamic environment prepares students for the realities of a globalized world, fostering adaptability, cultural competence, and effective communication across borders.


Our aim is to create a comprehensive and enriching online learning environment that prioritizes not only academic excellence but also the personal and social development of its students. The emphasis on community, collaboration, and global awareness aligns with the demands of the 21st-century education landscape.