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Written By: Cathy Sperrazzo

Embarking on the journey of private online schooling with CMASAS (Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences) can unlock a world of personalized learning experiences for your child. While the costs associated might initially seem daunting, fret not! This guide is filled with practical tips and resources to help you navigate through financial planning for your child's education.


Understanding the Costs

When it comes to private online schooling at CMASAS, you'll find that the tuition encompasses a spectrum of services personalized to support your child’s academic pursuits—from one-on-one teacher engagement to a diverse curriculum tailored to their needs.

Consider these essential elements when planning your budget:

  • Tuition Fees: These will vary depending upon your child's grade level and chosen programs.
  • Technology Requirements: A stable computer and internet connection are imperative for online learning.
  • Some Added Costs: Keep in mind additional costs such as annual registration fee, individual course extension fee, NHS annual fee, and graduation fee for seniors.


Personalized Education Foundation (

To alleviate financial strain, the Personalized Education Foundation provides invaluable support to families just like yours. They understand that every learner deserves access to quality education, regardless of financial status. The foundation offers assistance tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners and encourages you to visit to discover how they can help make education more attainable.


Savings Plans

Preparation is key! Starting an education fund now will benefit you greatly down the road. Here’s what you can do:

  • 529 Savings Plans: These savings accounts offer tax advantages made specifically for educational expenses.
  • Education Savings Accounts (ESAs): Save money tax-free for a variety of educational expenses, private schooling included.
  • Regular Savings Accounts: Allocate a monthly sum into a dedicated savings account—it adds up!


Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Get creative with your approach to affording private online schooling:

  • Employer Assistance Programs: Inquire about any education benefits available through your workplace.
  • Community Grants and Local Organizations: Many community groups provide grants or scholarships for educational purposes.
  • Crowdfunding: Utilize platforms like GoFundMe to gather contributions towards your child's educational goals.
  • Empowerment Scholarship Account Program: Some states like Arizona offer a scholarship program to cover tuition costs and other expenses to attend schools loke CMASAS. Inquire to see if you state provides such a benefit.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: CMASAS may offer payment plans that distribute tuition fees over time to ease the financial load.


An investment in CMASAS for your child's education promises a future of tailored learning opportunities. By understanding the different costs, leveraging resources like the Personalized Education Foundation, saving wisely, and thinking creatively, you can successfully manage the financial requirements of your child’s education. Begin this journey with confidence, knowing there are abundant resources and strategies to ensure your child receives the premiere education they deserve.