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Welcome to CMASAS Learning Community where students from around the world come together and Touch the Future! We are not your typical online school. We deliver what other online programs can't - a personalized learning experience tailored to each individual student!  We back up our claim with having been named one of the top 5 best online high school diploma programs by  We differentiate ourselves from other online schools by not just making the ordinary exceptional, but through our Personalized Philosophy which drives everything we do.  

  • Students are placed into an Introduction to 21st Century Learning course upon enrollment to help prepare them for success in their online education.
  • Self-paced. Students have access to courses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Courses end dates are determined by personalized pacing guide set up with input of student and instructor, not by arbitrary semester end dates.
  • Personalized Education. Students have the opportunity to complete assignments based on the learning style in which they learn the best. This approach takes a commitment from both the instructor and student to develop alternative assignments which cover the learning objective and concepts being taught.
  • Curriculum which is more than just reading and answering multiple choice questions, with assignments which allows students to show what they know in the learning style they prefer.
  • 1:1 student teacher interaction.
  • Instructor response within 24 hours and mostly same day (includes grading, assignment feedback and response to email/phone communications).
  • Mastery based assignments and assessments.

CMASAS has a unique Personalized Educational Philosophy that is research-based and encompasses the whole student. Our proven Personalized Education model is effective and works with students. It is flexible, yet offers a rigorous course schedule. It is adaptable depending on student needs. If you have questions or a unique situation, contact us today to see how we can create a personalized enrollment plan for you.

When transferring to a new online high school, one of the most important factors is to make sure all of the student’s transcripts are transferred. Luckily, at CMA-SAS, it's incredibly easy for students to transfer mid-semester because transcripts make it easy to slide into session. It happens all the time. 

Transferring transcripts between online high schools is done in much the same way as at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The following five essential steps should be taken to make sure the new school receives all relevant transcripts.

  • 1.  Keep Excellent Records
    Each time the child moves to a new school, the parent should retain a copy of the student’s transcripts for their own records along with the name, address, and attendance dates of the school. The parent may provide a copy of these records to the new school for reference, but the school must also receive an official copy directly from each school attended.
  • 2.  Contact the New School
    Often times, the new online high school may be able to request the records directly from the student’s previous schools. If so, the parent will need to provide contact information and attendance dates for all previous schools and sign a release of records request. If not, the school will provide contact information for where the official transcripts should be sent.
  • 3.  Contact All Previous Schools
    If the new school is not willing to request the student’s records from all previous schools, the parent needs to contact each of the student’s previous schools directly. Each school will require a signed release of records request which can be provided in person, through email or fax. At this time, the parent should request official transcripts be sent directly to the new school as well as a copy for their own records if necessary.

As parents, we all want the best for our children, regardless of their circumstances. If all children were the same, determining what "the best" is wouldn't be difficult to ascertain. However, for children who have disabilities or for those who are gifted, finding an educational path for them can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, with the ever expanding nature of the internet and with the educational opportunities available today, having children attend an online high school to complete their secondary educations. 

Why Online Schools?

For most children, attending a public or private high school will provide them with a great education and plenty of opportunities and preparation for a higher education at a college or university. Be that as it may, for children who don't fit into a standard category, finding those same educational opportunities is a lot more challenging. These children may not fit into a standard category due to disability or illness, or because of a special gift such as an athletic, artistic or musical ability which presents both parents and their children with unusual challenges on time, mental focus and physical abilities. 

Having access to accredited online schools restores those educational opportunities they would otherwise miss. Schools such as online high schools that provide asynchronous class schedules, teacher access via email, telephone or Skype, live classrooms as well as other interactive support options gives these special students all the tools they need to succeed. 

The key to online education and future success for these children is to ensure the school is accredited. Having an education is great, but without the accreditation behind that education, leveraging the knowledge they've gained for entrance to an institute of higher learning can be problematic. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to ensure an online high school is accredited.

Jordan had trouble concentrating in school. It wasn’t his learning comprehension skills, but it was everything else. The noise in the hallway of lockers clanking shut, children talking loudly in the lunchroom, and the unbearable noise of the school bell ringing through the day distracted him from what he loved doing most. He loved to learn. Math and science were his favorite subjects, but sometimes he just could not focus.

This made Jordan reluctant to go to school in the mornings. And it wasn’t just the noise. His classmates most times did not want him as their partner for classroom projects. And during elementary school he had to deal with bullying almost every day.

His mom Kathleen didn’t know what to do. She wanted Jordan to attend a public school -- mostly so he could have an education, but also to make friends and be with students his own age. When he was younger, school was easier. But as he went into junior high, that’s when things got tougher.

These terms are often used inter-changeably. If you become proficient or competent in multiplication of numbers 1-10, you are saying that you are able to perform the task of multiplication, and likely with accuracy and little to no struggle. You could also say that you have mastered your multiplication tables 1-10.

However, these words can also be used to describe different levels. In these cases, proficiency is typically a level where one is able to perform a task or understand something, but perhaps with some struggle or room for improvement. To become competent is a step above that, and to achieve mastery is to reach a level of perfection. Note that “level of” perfection might mean something equivalent to 80%, not necessarily 100%, depending on the context.