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Your School, Your Way

11 May

Your School, Your Way

Posted By: 
Kimberly White




You no longer move on a factory belt, captured by common, forced into a rhythm of conformity that your feet don’t move to.

You’re not play-it-safers, do-it-laters, settling for average, creators of complacency.

You are curious and compassionate agents of change, united by differences, fueling the future. You are strong and sensitive, right brains combined with left, ready to take on the challenges of today with the pleasures of tomorrow.

No your future is not ruined, your entire generation is not at fault, tomorrow will not be the world’s last opportunity. Here’s a truth: negative people destroy movements. Your optimism is the antidote, inspiring others to grow a better future.

You have been bullied and you will be opposed, all the great ones are, that’s a promise. Here’s another: great ideas live within you, seeking your permission to be. Your innovative, unique, and treasured convictions are exactly what this world needs.

Remember this: character is built one action at a time and this life is your education. You have the power to ensure that yours evolves not degrades.

It’s time for you to start believing in yourself, to start taking risks, and laughing at life. It’s time to become the best version of yourself. It’s time to live a beautiful story. Your school your way.