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Is Your Child Gifted? What You Might Not Know

23 Jan

Is Your Child Gifted? What You Might Not Know

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

When taking predictive tests indicting gifted students, your child scored off the charts. You’re overjoyed, of course, to have raised such a scholar, but then the daunting truth sets in: you’re now responsible for cultivating that genius so it doesn’t wither within an education system built off an industrial model. Parents of gifted children are their best advocates, and whether they choose to stay within a traditional school or venture out into the world of personalized online education, here are several indicators parents should know when deciding how to help these students flourish.

First, it’s important to understand the anatomy of a gifted child. The book “A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children” by authors Webb, Gore, Amend, and DeVries, lists the many traits gifted students exhibit that set them apart from other children their age. First, gifted students tend to be unusually alert-- even as infants--with a large vocabulary and excellent memory. They learn rapidly, can grasp abstract concepts, and ask probing questions. They’re usually curious with vivid imaginations and a capacity to see and solve problems in unique ways.

While all of these traits might make gifted students appear to be a snap to teach in any setting, there are several others than can make life quite difficult for these children if not equally addressed. According to Webb, Gore, Amend, and DeVries, gifted students are also typically highly sensitive. They tend to have very strong social ideals and concern for injustice, and can have deep and intense reactions. When coupled with their innate alertness and proclivity for abstract comprehension, this overstimulation can breed a listless, unhappy child in settings where the child isn’t being properly challenged. Being such fast learners can also be problematic when a challenge is finally encountered: without being taught how to use failure as feedback, gifted students may grow easily frustrated and abandon the project. Having strong social and political ideals can also make a gifted child ostracized from his or her peers, making social connections difficult at times.

For parents of gifted children, simultaneously recognizing and addressing the social, emotional, and educational needs of these children is essential to facilitating success. While some parents choose to keep their children in a traditional school, many seek out personalized online academies like CMASAS that are equipped to serve gifted children and their needs. Our program is built off a student-based, self-paced model where students work according to their pace instead of an entire class’, and mastery-based projects encourage higher-order learning and problem solving. For our gifted students, we even offer a Platinum plan allowing them to take unlimited classes throughout the calendar year, finishing their degree at an accelerated rate.

Here at CMASAS, we know how daunting it can be having a gifted child and wanting nothing more than to give him or her the best educational experience possible. If your child is gifted and is currently struggling to find fulfillment inside their education program, we invite you to click this link and schedule a personalized tour with an enrollment counselor today: https://goo.gl/Xsy7wf

At CMASAS, we celebrate each child’s unique genius. Especially the genius you can’t fit into a scantron.