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You Matter

15 Nov

You Matter

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Take a second and think about this: has anyone ever told you that you matter? Have they used those exact words? In his TEDx- Talk entitled “You Matter,” Matt Emerzian tells us about his journey from big time music executive working with names like the Kardashians and Usher to starting the movement “Every Monday Matters,” a service-based program designed to do social good and simultaneously prove to people that when they help others, they matter.

During a time in his life when he was riding high on the music scene, Emerzian began experiencing life-shattering panic attacks. It happened overnight; he went to bed one Sunday and awoke Monday morning thinking he was having a heart attack. For most, panic attacks will subside, but for Emerzian, it became chronic. He says his life changed when a woman advised him to spend every Saturday picking up litter, saying it would help him heal. Desperate, he did it, and soon found that Saturday became his favorite day of the week. Why? Because as unappetizing as it may have been picking up someone else’s trash, Emerzian found himself focusing less on himself, and more on how he fit in the outside world. And just like that, he connected to the people and world around him, and by doing so, found a way to matter on a global scale.

Students today don’t just grow their knowledge and skills. They grow their identity. However, with so much emphasis on the future, it’s easy to forget that you matter already. Today, corny as it may sound, take a moment alone and finish this sentence out loud: My name is __________ and I matter because __________. Too often, we live a stunted life never truly realizing just how big an impact every one of us can make, just as we are.


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