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A World Without Art

01 Dec

A World Without Art

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Close your eyes. Imagine a world without art. What does it look like?

Bleak. Singular. Stiffeling.


In this breathless and moving video by @NicoleMcGovern, she delves into the often overlooked transformative cultural power of art. Art not only broadens the mind and grows perspective, it also offers essential connectivity through the human condition, providing sources of hope, comfort, and the knowledge we are not alone in our pains and triumphs.

Many online high school students who join CMASAS do so because their passion doesn’t fit within a standardized test bubble. Taking charge of a personalized education allows our students to question, follow, and take meaningful steps toward their passion before even leaving high school.

Can you imagine a world without art? We sure don’t want to. After all, to quote an anonymous source, the earth without art is just eh.