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Will Online High School Save Alexis?

08 Sep

Will Online High School Save Alexis?

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Nov 13, 2013 9:00:00 AM

One of the greatest pleasures in working in education involves helping students grow from year to year. The greatest gift? An email or visit from a former student who has grown into a remarkable adult. The flip side of this though is that in the traditional school structure, some students slip through the cracks because it's too difficult to personalize education. Too difficult to bring struggling 9th graders up to speed.

Take Alexis for example.

Alexis is the younger of two girls in the family, with her older sister already receiving accolades for high honors and athleticism. Alexis, however, struggled to grow beyond 3rd grade reading and now quivers to read in 9th grade English class. She's one of many struggling readers who fell behind. And anyone who knows anything about reading, knows that it's the rudimentary corner stone of learning. A 3rd grader who can't read becomes the 9th grader who fizzles out of the system and disappears in the judicial system later on in life. 

That's where personalized education comes into play. Online high school has the ability to personalize each student's curriculum and cater toward a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. 

We identified that one of the greatest problems in the current education system today is the long-term inability to focus on one child and provide personalized education. 

Here are 3 Tips to Save Alexis

1. With an online learning management system (LMS), students can interact with engaging visuals like games and short tutorials that are far more enriching provided modern technology. Yes, sometimes we just need to admit that a cartoon or game can actually teach a concept better than one of us just lecturing it. Don't believe me? I'll bet many of you probably learned the ABCs better from Sesame Street< than from someone just telling you them. 

2. An online LMS with an online school allows teachers to interact, monitor, and record interactions with students in a time-efficient way. It's a life hack. 

3. Who says you need to move on? With online school, students move at their own pace. This is so important to personalized education. The one-size fits-all classroom model forces teachers to move on and push students through from grade to grade. This model teaches students "Can't keep up? Either fake it and fall behind or drop out." With a personalized online high school students move at their own pace. This allows teachers to really check the progress for each student and provide one-on-one tutelage at the pace the student needs (click to tweet).

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