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What You Should Know About Online Middle School Options

17 Aug

What You Should Know About Online Middle School Options

There are many reasons to choose an online middle school. Virtual learning has come a long way since it was first introduced and programs like CMASAS provide students more opportunities and personalization than many traditional public schools. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between online middle school options.



First and foremost, it’s important that any online middle school you choose has the proper accreditation. CMASAS is a fully accredited online middle school, which means our transcripts are accepted and recognized worldwide. Whether your child continues with us through our online high school program or transitions into a traditional in-person high school after completing middle school at CMASAS, you can be assured that their coursework will prepare them for the next steps in their education.



Socialization is a concern for many parents when it comes to online middle school. While high schoolers have the ability to socialize on their own, middle schoolers need parents to help them take the initiative. We recommend working with your child to find local volunteer opportunities, sports, and clubs to keep them engaged in the community. CMASAS also offers international travel opportunities, regional student meet-ups and social clubs to foster online connections between students from around the world. Just imagine your child creating a friendship with another student from South America, Asia, or Europe!



Some distance and online middle school options involve very little interaction with instructors—sometimes there’s no interaction at all other than having projects graded. At CMASAS, our instructors communicate directly with students to help facilitate a deeper understanding of core subjects; they’re not there to lecture or grade, their role is to act as guides and give students the tools they need to master difficult concepts.


Personalication - A Personalized Education Philosophy

One of the benefits of online middle school is that it offers students a richer experience because curricula can be tailored to individual interests and learning styles. This personalized approach simply isn’t possible with a traditional classroom of 30 middle schoolers. Our instructors build on your child’s academic interests to get them excited about learning; they also meet students where they’re at by altering and supplementing instruction as needed and allowing students to work at their own pace.

By offering students a personalized approach, CMASAS accommodates wide variety of student needs such as; gifted students, students with special needs, and students who have fallen behind in school. It’s important to note that not all online middle school options have this degree of personalization, so if you’re still in the process of finding the right school for your child, make sure it will meet their unique learning needs.



When we talk about online school, we talk a lot about self-motivation, but for middle schoolers, parents must also be motivated. While you won’t be providing your child with instruction, you will need to keep them accountable, even when it’s difficult. When deciding if online school is right for your middle schooler, think about whether or not it’s a fit for your family circumstances as well.


Learn More About Online Middle School at CMASAS

If you’d like to connect with an admissions officer to learn more about our online middle school program, contact us online or give us a call at 888-832-9437.