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What is School For?

12 Apr

What is School For?

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

What is school for?

This is the question innovative author and entrepreneur Seth Godin asks an auditorium full of students at the TEDx-Youth conference in his talk: “Stop Stealing Dreams.”

What is school for?

It’s a pertinent question, one whose answer goes far beyond “to get a job” and “to make me smart.” It’s pertinent, because traditional schools as we know them were designed to serve an entirely different populus, during an entirely different era.

Sir Ken Robinson tells us, “The current system of education was designed and conceived and structured for a different age. It was conceived in the intellectual culture of The Enlightenment, and in the economic circumstances of the Industrial Revolution.”

Schools were originally designed to teach students to fit in, to comply, to learn obedience and to have the “right” answer. During his talk, Godin points out, “We sit you in straight rows just like they organize things in the factory. We built a system all about interchangeable people, because factories are based on interchangeable parts.”

But as the song goes, times, they are a-changing, and many students are breaking free from the industrial model and searching outward for new avenues of education. Homeschooling, Online schooling, private schooling; there is now a myriad of options that extend far beyond the local school house.

Society has evolved, and with us, so has technology. This, Godin notes, has changed the rules of the game. “Technology says: you know what? For the first time in history, we do not need a human being to stand next to us to teach us to do square roots… because the internet connects us all.”

With this vast world of connection laid before us, our once narrow options have split open like a melon tossed from the window. Now, we can afford to be picky: to select our school with the same careful consideration by which we select our first car. Finding a place wherein you thrive is the first step. Godin advocates the importance of measuring “experience instead of test scores.” He reminds us, “Grades are an illusion. Passion and insight are a reality.”

Well, you may be thinking, this all sounds well and good, but there’s so many options out there for me, which one will provide the best education to fit my needs and/or the needs of my child? That’s why on April 25th, educational researcher and co-founder of CMASAS Tamra Excell will be hosting a free webinar to help questioning parents and students discover the world of personalized education.

Through this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Discover the most important questions you need to ask first when considering your educational options
  • Explore what it really means to offer students a personalized education, and learn how to avoid bait-and-switch marketing tactics
  • Empower your child with the skills really needed to excel in our dynamic, modern world

So today, take a moment and open your journal. Grab a pen and dare to ask yourself: What is school for?

*** We’d be honored for you to join us for our webinar “Exploring School Options” on Tuesday, April 25th at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST! Deciding which option to pursue once you’ve jumped out of the traditional schooling nest can be overwhelming, frustrating, and even a little bit scary. Whether you decide our school is a good fit for your child or not, we hope this webinar will hand you the tools you need to ensure the best education for your child’s needs.

To sign up and learn more, head over to: https://goo.gl/Wj4vQZ