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What is an Online Community and What is its Purpose?

03 Nov

What is an Online Community and What is its Purpose?

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

For students entering the ever-evolving global workforce, cultivating a strong community to support you can be just as important as building the perfect resume.

In their brief informative video entitled “What is an Online Community and What is its Purpose?” @OutdeskInteractive goes into the benefits of investing time into building or nurturing a community. “First and foremost, it lets you foster deep personal connections with people who are involved in your industry, or interested in your company’s products, services, and expertise. By providing them with excellent service, a personable business, and access to your resources and network, you can add value to their lives and professions, thereby engendering a deeper sense of loyalty to your brand.”

It’s important to point out that there is a difference between marketing to your audience and building your community. @OutdeskInteractive says, “Nurturing a community involves engaging in meaningful conversations, becoming a resource and advocate for your customers’ needs, and creating a space where people can share diverse opinions, have fruitful discussions, and find inspiration.”

Today, try sharing something with your community that has had incredible value for you, and foster a conversation with those who engage. By creating a space where you give value to others, you will garner loyalty of those happy to support and help you in return.


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