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What is Mirror-Touch Synesthesia?

19 Jul

What is Mirror-Touch Synesthesia?

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

“Mirror-Touch Synesthesia is a conflation of the senses. The things that you see are felt on your skin.”-Carolyn Hart

Carolyn Hart is a massage therapist with Synesthesia, a neurological condition where senses overlap, one automatically triggering the other. For example, a pianist might see colors when he plays certain notes. He could, therefore, compose an entire song that sounds green.

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia is a phenomenon where the Synesthete actually feels what they are seeing. Featured in the bite-sized video “Feeling All the Feels: Living with Mirror-Touch Synesthesia” by @GreatBigStory, Hart describes how this means that when she sees a client who complains about back pain, she can physically feel that pain in her body. When she watches a ballerina doing pirouettes, she will physically feel like she is spinning.

For Synesthetes, mirror-touch is often conjoined with empathy, as it is quite literally the practice of feeling what someone else feels, enabling a stronger empathic response.

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