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What it Take to Make First Chair: 4 Benefits for the Scholar Musician

10 Sep

What it Take to Make First Chair: 4 Benefits for the Scholar Musician

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Apr 21, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Music is a passion that is often realized when a person is extremely young. Parents who allow their children to embrace music as a child, encourage them to take lessons and pursue their goals. Children with exceptional talent and a love of classical music, often aspire to being first chair in an orchestra. In rare cases, when their talent is honed early on, the choice may have to be made as to what best serves their needs.

Fortunately, at CMA-SAS, we've had a number of extremely talented student musicians so we know a thing or two about what it takes to be a scholar musician.

Playing first chair in an orchestra is a privilege not many young musicians are awarded. With that being said, few things are worth risking a high school education. Students who attend an online high school are able to attain their goals while receiving an education. Exceptionally gifted students who are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to be first chair in an orchestra can live their dreams and attend an online school at the same time.

Four Benefits of a Private Online School for an Aspiring, Young Musician

  • Allows students to travel and perform at the same time - Playing in an orchestra requires that musicians be able to travel several weeks out of the year. This can dramatically impact their ability to attend school on a regular basis. Online classes give a student the ability to stay on track and pursue their academic goals, while following enjoying their dream of being a successful musician.

  • Teaches students to organize their daily activities around a schedule that includes both school and performances – For a student to successfully complete their education, they must be able to adequately budget their time between practice, concerts, academics and recreational activities. Attending a private online high school teaches the importance of scheduling and organizing activities so there is adequate time for each one to be completed without excessive pressure and high levels of stress.

  • Provides a personalized education that allows students to focus on their goals, allowing more creativity and the discovery of individual talents – Students who attend online classes are able to choose specific areas of interest that conventional high schools may not have the resources to provide. They can design their education to suit their needs and permits them to delve deeper into subjects and skills that help them hone their personal talents.

  • Attending an online school is not only beneficial for students who must travel, but it works exceptionally well for those who don't fit into a mainstream school environment. Students who have trouble with socialization and are extremely shy and introverted can benefit from online classes. They are able to focus on their lessons instead of worrying about whether or not they will be bullied. While isolating themselves from other students is not always the answer, an online learning environment allows shy students to participate and answer questions at their own comfort level. 

Students who are able to achieve first chair status can look forward to several things. Along with the daily rigors of practicing their chosen instrument, performing in concerts and doing their classwork online, they also get several benefits. A student who is able to attain first chair and is allowed to travel while a group is on tour, receives a hands -n education. They get to visit historic places and perform in venues that have a rich and beautiful history.

A student who is offered this opportunity has a once in a lifetime chance at seeing and exploring the world first hand. They can learn about places by actually visiting them and seeing what they have to offer both academically and culturally.