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What Happens When You Lose Assignments? Not a Problem w/ Online High School

10 Sep

What Happens When You Lose Assignments? Not a Problem w/ Online High School

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Jul 7, 2014 10:33:00 AM

This CMA-SAS #touchthefuture blog post takes a look at a question we received from a parent interested in our personalized online school: To ask your own question, click here to take this survey.

Tommy is getting ready to start the 9th grade at the CMA-SAS online high school. Although he's excited about the new opportunity, he's also determined to be more mindful when it comes to keeping track of all of his homework assignments. In the past, he was notorious for losing important papers or turning them in late because he'd misplaced them. His bookbag looked like a junkyard, full of once crisp looseleaf now shredded.

As a burgeoning child actor, Tommy's first priority has been to memorize scripts and go to work when called on the set. The end result was a lot of frustration over missing school assignments. With a new school year on the horizon, his intention of being more careful will be made easier with the help of cloud based storage solutions. Find out more about this paperless alternative to traditional documents and how it benefits students over the course of their e-learning experiences.

Facts about Cloud Storage

• Cloud storage is a system that holds digital data in pools that are owned by efficient providers who ensure that all files remain accessible and function properly.

• Users are known to store a variety of files from school assignments and work documents to family photo albums and personal music collections. It works well as a single-person effort or a collaborative space.

• Some services are free and trial-based, but those that offer storage for a small fee typically have more space and secure settings. 

• Cloud based storage is different from online backup systems because it stores data from a portion of your hard drive and synchronizes it with online files. In other words, whatever changes you make to your hard drive automatically gets adjusted in the cloud space.

• There's several types of cloud based storage to choose from: including Apple iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft Skydrive, and more.

Why Cloud Storage is Ideal for Online School Students

• It's Cheap

Why spend more than you have to? Besides, we all remember what it's like to budget as a student. Students notoriously have to penny-pinch. This is because they're either too young to make a living or their study hours interfere with their chances of getting a full-time job. Fortunately, cloud based storage fits any budget with low monthly fees whereas online backup systems typically aren't cost-effective. Plus, many are free like Google Drive.

• There's No Paper Involved

Cloud based storage is completely invisible, meaning there's no need to deal with the burden of managing bulks of papers. Online high school students can load all files onto the online system. It's important to note that the service doesn't take up space like a computer or mobile device would which is also a plus. And for creative students like the ones we have at CMA-SAS online school, those photo files can take up a lot of space!

• Everything is Automatic

Individuals no longer have to go through the grueling process of waiting for an online backup system to complete the task of saving files onto your hard drive. With cloud-based storage, just simply choose the files that needs to be kept, and the system will pick up the responsibility from there.

• It's Easily Accessible

Online high school students are able to access this service from a variety of tools. The most common ways to get through is via laptops, smartphones, or anywhere there's Internet connection. This means that our students who love to find remote surf spots can still dial in for a lesson from a small internet cafe down Main Street -- even when there's still sand beneath one's toes.

• Data Recovery

With some systems, everything is lost if there's a dire circumstance that affects a student's computer. This isn't the case with cloud based storage, as all files are recoverable regardless of the level of disaster at hand. So, dropping your computer in the water means your files will still be recoverable online. 

• It's Secure

Perhaps the best perk is that these systems are completely safe and secure. There's never a need to worry about confidential information being leaked, and unauthorized users aren't able to access accounts.

We hope this helps. Leave a comment below and let us know your strategies for backing up your hard-earned data.