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Upcoming Webinar: Highly Sensitive People, Synesthesia, and Empathy

27 Jun

Upcoming Webinar: Highly Sensitive People, Synesthesia, and Empathy

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Kaitlyn Guay

Did you know that YOU were probably born a synesthete? Research shows that most babies have synesthesia, and this trait disappears by about 8 months due to synaptic pruning. But not for all. And perhaps you are one of those who still have those "extra connections" happening in your brain.

Do you seem to have the volume turned up on your senses, perhaps to the point of anxiety issues or panic attacks due to sensory overload? Do you feel responsible for everything and everyone else's well-being? Do you find your division between "self" and "other" is unclear?

If these questions resonate for you, we cordially invite you to attend our upcoming webinar coming July 18th: “Highly Sensitive People, Synesthesia, and Empathy,” hosted by our own Tamra Excell, co-founder of Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences.

Through this webinar, you will:

Explore several manifestations of Highly Sensitive People and related traits, including hypervigilance, empathic senses, and synesthesia – especially mirror touch. Discuss challenges, defense behaviors, and the false assumptions others often make, as well as strategies for overcoming challenges and using these traits to one’s advantage. Learn about the latest research, such as how everyone might be born a synesthete, and how some people struggle distinguishing self vs other. On July 18th, join our own Tamra Excell at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST for the Highly Sensitive People, Synesthesia, and Empathy Webinar. We can’t wait to see you there!

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