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Tuition - Platinum Plan

Platinum Level Tuition

Are you highly motivated to finish your courses at an accelerated rate? Then the Platinum Plan was made for you!

Our Platinum level full-time enrollment plan provides unlimited online courses with no additional cost. This plan was created for students who wish to work at an advanced pace, either from a desire to graduate early, or for those who've fallen behind for various reasons and are looking to catch up.

This all-inclusive plan enjoys all the personalized attention and benefits of the Gold plan, but at a flat price offering an unlimited number of courses within a 365 day enrollment period.

To begin the enrollment process we will need:

  • Registration Fee
  • At least first month's tuition payment
  • Completed Registration Form

To enroll in the Platinum Tuition Plan, follow the directions on the How to Enroll page. 


Open Enrollments for Fall are Currently Closed
Spring Semester Enrollments Available

Our open enrollment for the fall semester is now closed in order to effectively implement our personalized education model and maintain our current student-to-teacher ratio. We are still accepting enrollments for the spring semester which begins on January 10, 2022.

If you are interested in enrolling for the spring semester, give us a call at (503) 226-7374 or send an email to our Enrollment Counseling Team. If you are currently enrolled and need assistance with a financial issue, contact our Student Account Manager.


Platinum Level Full Year Tuition

Payments include a 3% convenience fee. Payments may be made by eCheck or wire without the 3% convenience fee.

Annual Registration Fee


Per Year
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Application Processing/System Setup for Students
Transcript Evaluation & Academic Course Plan
Diagnostic Assessments

Senior/Grad Fee


Senior Year
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Official Transcript
Final Transcript Review
DIploma & Cover


High School (8-12)


Unlimited Credits***
Per Year

6 payments of


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Middle School (5-7)


Unlimited Courses***
Per Year

6 payments of


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Elementary School (K-4)


Unlimited Courses***
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PEC Plus Option

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Nathan is an extremely creative game designer and flies through courses like Sonic the Hedgehog through Emerald Hills. With the platinum plan, he takes extra courses to graduate early so he can attend his dream college, Carnegie Mellon University for Virtual Reality. Our prediction? It won't be long before Nintendo comes knocking on his door.



Hailey is quite the gymnast, although a serious illness kept her out of Olympic trials and caused her to miss an entire year of school. Graduating with her class year is a priority, so to help her catch up on credits ASAP, Hailey takes the extra courses needed to graduate on-time. Paging Kristen Maloney: you will soon hear about Hailey's success!



Covington's parents travel a lot. And by a lot, we mean they spend half of the year on a sailboat (pretty amazing, right!?). To help keep Covington on track to graduate on time, he takes more than 6 credits when his family is on land during the year. That way, when he's on the water, he can tack and gybe while watching albatross hover across the sea.

Credit Card Processing

All enrollment plans provide Foundations in Personalized Learning as the initial course and count toward the total number of credits/courses for the plan selected.

Payments include a 3% convenience fee.  Payments may be made by echeck or wire without the 3% convenience fee.  Please contact our office for payment/invoicing options.

  • Algebra I, World Language and Intensive Reading courses may be taken at the 8th grade level for high school credit for an additional $175/semester course fee.
  • Tuition must be paid in full at time of graduation or withdrawal.
  • Courses receiving an Incomplete or Withdrawal count toward enrollment credit and appear on transcript as credit attempted but not completed. See our Policies page for more information. Requires 30-day withdrawal notice for all options.

**Semester enrollments are for a term of six months from the date of enrollment.

***Platinum Plan courses are for the tuition level plan chosen only and must be completed within the Plan enrollment term.  Any courses still in progress count toward renewal enrollment plan.