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The Truth About Growing Up

30 Sep

The Truth About Growing Up

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

What does it mean to be a grown up? To be “adulting” 24/7? Does it only entail the daunting responsibilities like paying bills, filing taxes, and buying your own holiday present for Uncle Erwin? Can it mean more?

Growing up is a mixed bag of emotions. Young students crave to be grown up, to be set free into the wide, amazing world and stand tall on their own two feet, stamping their mark into the earth. It is a time of great excitement, possibility, and also pressure to try to define who you are and who you will become.

The plethora of adult responsibilities can weigh heavily on our natural exuberance, tamping down the joy of possibility and wonder like a shovel on fresh dirt. It can seem daunting, growing up. We don’t want to lose ourselves, to wake up one day and wonder where the years have gone. The unknown of the future can be terrifying when young students have so much pressure on them to decide their life purpose. This video by SoSonia lends a peek into the world of growing up, and the secret she’s discovered:

You’ll figure it out.