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The Top 3 Questions All Parents Need to Ask the Online High School Before Enrolling Their Child

10 Sep

The Top 3 Questions All Parents Need to Ask the Online High School Before Enrolling Their Child

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Jun 27, 2014 5:08:41 PM

Many parents are finding a personalized online high school curriculum via the distance-learning alternative a compelling advantage. A virtual education provides more choices in where you attend and how your child learns; however, the ability to learn without the normal classroom structure, and overcoming student procrastination are both crucial factors.Thats's where personalized education comes in.


1. Why Go Virtual?

Without a doubt, online education is cost-effective, but online classrooms don’t mean it’s an easy out for learning. Personalized online high school curriculums require the same work, and time commitment as any traditional on-campus program, yet virtual learning combines learning styles to meet the needs of every student.

The genesis of CMA School of Arts and Sciences is to provide an educational approach aligned with a child’s aptitude and intelligence; then it becomes easy to keep children motivated and learning at a pace in which they feel comfortable.

2. Do Different Learning Styles Require Personalized Curriculum?

In traditional schools, most instruction is delivered for linguistic learners –- reading and writing –- and mathematical-based learning. A kinesthetic learner with a short attention span cannot thrive in that environment. Kinesthetic learners tune out, become bored, and never fully grasp what was taught.

Kids absorb information in a variety of ways. In fact, learning styles fall into one of three categories;

  • Auditory: children learn best by hearing
  • Visual: children learn best by seeing
  • Kinesthetic: children learn best by doing, also known as hands-on-learning

Every child has a preferred learning style, and unfortunately, traditional schools do not tailor to every child’s learning style or abilities. You can imagine how many children leave frustrated when they are unable to absorb the information.

By accessing well-crafted lessons online, teens learn with a personalized approach. They learn the same material, but at a different pace, suited to his or her learning style. Throughout the lessons, kids are encouraged to interact by clicking on various components like streaming videos, online textbooks, and virtual labs, which reinforce mastering concepts.

3. How Do You Address Multiple Learning Styles?

Teenagers are really explorers that exhibit strengths in several learning styles, and a virtual education meets the needs of these children.

Many kids are most successful when several learning styles complement their preferences and the online environment respects these unique learning styles. For example, your son or daughter may enjoy the book Divergent, yet he or she may benefit from break-out rooms to discuss the concepts, or enjoy a short instructional video on the subject matter.

Virtual schooling provides different strategies for success, and more importantly a personalized online high school curriculum can reinforce and optimize your child’s education.