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Top 10 Reasons Students Choose CMASAS

06 Jun

Top 10 Reasons Students Choose CMASAS

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Kaitlyn Guay

The sun reflected off Milton’s sunglasses as he shook Christopher Geis’ hand on Graduation Day. They turned and posed for pictures, a blue leather-bound certificate clutched between them. Palm trees waved in the background, and applause echoed through the amphitheater.  An hour later, Graduates threw up their royal blue hats, and settled in for a night of music, giant Jenga, epic photo booth captures, and many, many trips to the chocolate fountain.

 This past weekend marked the 2017 Graduation Ceremony in San Diego, California. During the ceremony, we were able to hear from our student body exactly what Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences meant to them. “Flexibility,” some said. “Independence,” others said. “The ability to get an education AND live my dream.” The list went on, and we beamed, bright as the sun reflecting off Milton’s sunglasses.

 Our mission is to help empower students to thrive and explore their own genius. Please join us in celebrating the graduating class of 2017, and wish them well as they journey on to live their unique purpose and make their impact on the world.

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