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Time Management: Become a Cyborg

10 May

Time Management: Become a Cyborg

Posted By: 
Tamra Excell


Ever fall into a rabbit hole online? Perhaps it was social media, or even reading an article with links to other articles, which in turn have links to other articles? Need help? Now there’s an app for that. Or several apps. With today’s technology, you can become a cyborg.

Rescue Time is an app you install on your devices to track how you spend your time each day. You can also set alarms to let you know you’ve reached a self-imposed limit on an activity, or even create blocks. Start or pause the app any time you wish.

Smart Watches have options to help you see and answer messages without falling into your inbox or social media stream. They also have alarm settings for calendar reminders, and they can synch with your phone to wake you up at the optimal moment instead of during a sleep cycle.

Evernote is a program that has both expanded and become easier to use.  It “plays nicely” with other applications and multiple devices, making it that much more useful. One way I personally use Evernote for time management purposes is as a “pocket” where I can save an article (or several articles) for later when I actually have the time to read. It also gives me organizational and search options so I can quickly go find useful information later.  Anything I put into Evernote in one device is available to me across my other devices. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you know of other technology tools or applications that are useful for time management? I’d love to get your feedback!