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Three Tips for Young Writers

15 Jun

Three Tips for Young Writers

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay


Do you see a grasshopper on the sidewalk and immediately begin imagining a storyline for Charlie the Grasshopper who came from Toledo and wants to be a world-class ballerina? Or perhaps you look at a rose, and way you’d describe it trots behind your eyes like a words on a teleprompter? You may just have the writing bug! AdLit’s succinct and informative video featuring Rick Riordan offers us three actionable tips to help young writers improve their craft.

Tip One: Read. A LOT. This is your fuel to help inspire and expose you to the writing world. Other authors can and will influence you, and the more you read, the broader your scope and understanding when trying your hand at creating a work yourself. “You’re going to ingest those voices and learn what it is to be a writer by reading what other people have written before you… you have to be a reader if you want to write.”

Tip Two: Practice. You wouldn’t expect to become an NFL champion by kicking a football around once a month. Writing is an art, and requires practice and dedication to bring your inherent talents to their grand capacity. “Even a page a day will build up your writing muscles.”

Tip Three: Keep at it. Riordan mentions that many writers don’t get published not because they’re untalented, but because they get to a point where they give up. When you’re an artist, you’re going to get rejected, and it’s important to cultivate a tenacious mindset that will spur you to keep going and keep improving.

A final bonus tip Riordan offers is: “You have to find the story, not that you just think it would be cool to write, but that sort of grabs you and says: oh, you HAVE to write ME. That’s the story that you should be writing.”

What is your story?

If you learned something from today’s post, we invite you to share it with a young writer who could benefit from it too! Stay tuned for more writing tips as we count down toward our upcoming Webinar on June 15th, “From First Draft to Published: Self-Editing Techniques for Young Writers!”

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