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Thinking like Dr. Seuss: 5 Ways Online School Boosts Students' Creativity

10 Sep

Thinking like Dr. Seuss: 5 Ways Online School Boosts Students' Creativity

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Aug 5, 2014 8:04:29 PM

There's a reason that Dr. Seuss has enjoyed enduring popularity for decades. His stories resonate with kids giving them a lifelong love of learning and reading. What is the reason for this lasting legacy that keeps his books firmly on the shelves of every childhood bedroom? It's quite simple: Dr. Seuss thinks like a child. He is creative, filled with life, and his imagination knows no bounds, just like children. The vivid landscape he paints with the pleasing cadence of his rhymes creates a world that children wholeheartedly identify with and enjoy. It's a world without limits and restraints, a world where anything is possible. A world where students in a high quality online school get to play and create. 


That's the world that children get to live in everyday. With only the tools of their imagination and the environment around them, they get to see things in a fresh and exciting way that unfortunately most adults have grown out of. Children are naturally inquisitive, curious, and ready to learn everything they can about the world around them. Somehow by adulthood most people have lost that creative spark, living in a world of practicalities and rigid, linear thinking. That creative spark doesn't have to disappear with adult responsibilities. In fact, it may not be the creative spark that's lost, but rather the confidence in one's own creativity

Unfortunately the overburdened public school system has been boxed into educating children using a cookie cutter paradigm and high stakes testing. Budget cuts have led to under-funding which has created classrooms filled to brim exhausting resources and requiring overworked teachers to teach children to stringent test requirements that do more to fill children's heads with facts and formulas while doing nothing to foster critical thinking skills and creativity. 

How does online school break the mold of traditional education and lead to creative learning and thinking? 

  1. Convenient Schedule: Online school allows you to tailor your learning schedule to meet your needs. Online school allows children to learn on the schedule that works best for them whether they're a natural night owl or prefer to divide the school day up into blocks with refreshing breaks in between, you have the flexibility to custom tailor their education to their exact needs. 
  2. Pressure-Free Environment: Children can learn best in whatever environment is comfortable for them. Home office, library, even outside in the calm, quiet of your backyard, free from the judging eyes of thirty other classmates and the stringent pace of teaching to the test. 
  3. Flexibility: Children also learn best when they enjoy what they're learning and can lead their learning in directions that interest and excite them. With an online program you have the flexibility to focus longer on subjects that capture your child's imagination and the freedom to go at whatever pace is comfortable for your child. 
  4. Freedom: An online program gives your child the freedom to truly be themselves. They won't feel the pressure to conform that is so common in traditional public school. They are free to ask any question without fear of judgement or ridicule, and expand on any topic, something that is key to keeping creativity alive. 
  5. Greater Resources and Opportunities: Traditional classroom environments and public school budgets are limited to doing the bare minimum to create an adequate education. Online learning opens up the classroom to the whole world and single student centered learning allows for greater resources focused on one child, instead of limited resources for many. 

Everyone wants the best for their children, and fostering creative thinking into adulthood will do everything to ensure lifelong love of learning and happy, productive future. Find out more about how online school can help your student reach their full potential.