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At CMASAS, we understand that not all students have the same long-term educational goals. We see students as unique individuals, encouraging them to pursue their passions, interests, and goals. For those interested in applying to highly-competitive colleges or universities, CMASAS offers Honors and AP courses. We also offer a dual-enrollment opportunity. This allows students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. In addition, many of our high school core courses are NCAA-approved.






The CMASAS online high school curriculum is rigorous and self-paced. This allows students to move more quickly through a course or take additional time to learn a concept. Further personalization can accommodate each student’s needs.



Personalization allows students to use their strengths and abilities to demonstrate mastery of something that they learned. For instance, students could also create a podcast for an assignment rather than create a PowerPoint presentation as long as all of the lesson objectives are being met. In addition, students can personalize their learning for, by example, listening to an audiobook rather than reading a text. Although it sounds cliché, the possibilities are endless for personalizing a student’s learning experience. What’s more is that course instructors encourage student ownership over their learning, so students are welcomed to offer suggestions as to how they would like to demonstrate their learning and work with the course instructors to develop meaningful assessments that will help them to pursue their passions, interests, and goals.


Courses Offered

View our course catalog.

CMASAS high school students can choose from an extensive list of courses from our course catalog. In addition, students have the option of creating a personalized course to receive credit for academically-approved extracurricular activities.


Compare Honors and AP Courses

Many of our students are academically-minded. Some choose to take AP or Honors courses in preparation for college. Others take Honors courses to pursue their interests in connection with the subject matter they study. These activities are often featured on resumes or college applications.

Please view the video to find out if Honors, AP, or Dual College Enrollment options are right for you.


Personalized Education Coaches




Each Platinum and Gold level enrolled student has a dedicated Personalized Education Coach (PEC.) PECs are certified teachers who act as guides, advocates, and the primary points of contact at the school. They maintain regular communication with students and families and are available to answer questions that arise. PECs also host a weekly homeroom for their students, allowing students to connect with other students attending the Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences. In addition, a student’s PEC oversees the student’s progress, makes sure certain requirements are met, and advocates for the student in tailoring the program to meet the student’s learning styles, personal interests, and goals. Specifically, high school PECs help students plan for graduation that meets our requirements by using an annual course plan for each enrollment year and a graduation checklist to track a student’s progress toward graduation. 

  • Click here to see our graduation requirements.
  • View an example graduation checklist here.
  • Find an example annual course plan here