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Welcome to Elementary School


Personalized Education Coach (PEC)

Each student assigned a Personal Education Coach (PEC) upon enrollment. The PEC works with you and your student on personalizing your experience with CMASAS. They are your students, coach, guide, and advocate. Students can choose to stay with the same PEC for multiple years or make a change if they need to. In this video, PEC Brittanie Bates talks about her role with students and families.


Course Instructors

Explore Elementary School Courses.


During elementary school grades K-5, a student's PEC and Course Instructor are one in the same for core courses and most electives. Having the PEC also be the student's course instructor allows for the PEC to form a strong bond with a student and truly understand them as a learner and person.

For students that choose to take a foreign language, they will have a separate foreign language instructor.

Course Work

Elementary students with CMASAS study all four core subjects (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math) and are encouraged to take elective courses. Elective courses can include Art, Physical Education, foreign languages, coding and computational thinking, and technical literacy. Given that we are a school that personalizes the student experience students also have the option of using outside hobbies for elective credit with Personalize Education coach oversight. Your student will have both freedom and structure as they work toward completing grade level requirements.


A Day as an Engaged Student & Parent


When you enroll your student in our elementary school, you are becoming part of the team here at CMASAS. Students will work with you, their PEC and Course Instructors to learn course material and complete projects. The younger the student, the more involvement a parent will have. PECs will provide guidance, oversight, and support to both the student and parent as they navigate online learning.

The personalized nature of our school requires parents to help keep students engaged with the material and allows for parents to help the student have the educational experience they feel their student needs to be successful. Parents, students, and the PEC work together to outline a schedule and plan for each student. This plan and schedule are items that are adjusted as the student, parent, or PEC work together.