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Teacher of The Year 2020

Teacher of The Year 2020

It's time to request nominations for CMASAS' Teacher of the Year for 2020!

The CMASAS Teacher of the Year is a PEC or Course Instructor who commits to our model and philosophy. They embrace personalization with zeal, encourage students to explore themselves as learners, inspire students to master course content, and perhaps most importantly, care for the whole student. The CMASAS Teacher of the Year knows the importance of every member of the student support team and works to improve the culture and community of the school to the benefit of everyone.




The teacher I am nominating shows exceptional knowledge of the CMASAS model and is always willing to learn new ways of personalizing course work and the school experience for a student.

Student Centered

This teacher has the whole student in mind when planning and meeting. This teacher interacts with students regularly via phone, video, and email in a positive and collaborative way.

Staff Interactions

This teacher is delightful to collaborate with and is a productive member during interactions.